The Proofreading and Editing Services that I provide


Proofreading: I check your spelling, punctuation, consistency, and grammar. This ensures that your work is free from mechanical errors, such as typos and incorrect punctuation.

Copy-Editing: Proofreading plus editing for clarity, sentence structure, and phrasing. This ensures that your work is free from mechanical errors, and is clear, consistent, and reads well.

Reference and Bibliographical Work: Academic institutions and journals usually require references and bibliographies to adhere to a particular style. Examiners will often penalise candidates for even the smallest errors and inconsistencies. Some journals will reject articles that don’t adhere to the style sheet.

CV and Application Check: Your application or CV is checked to ensure it is free from errors, looks professional, and will have the maximum impact.

Personal Tuition: Navigating your way through a project can be a daunting task, especially if it something you have never attempted before. Perhaps English isn’t your first language and you need some help making sense of tricky concepts. I will give you one-to-one tuition in person or by Skype.


Who uses my Services?

Everybody needs to write an important document at some stage in their life. It may be a job or funding application, a Master’s dissertation, a novel, or the content for a website.  my clients come from a wide range of backgrounds. Don’t worry if your writing or text is unconventional; contact me to discuss it.


Why Choose TypeWright?

Professional, personal service. I will not outsource your project to anyone else, and will be with you every step of the way. Many other proofreading companies divide your work amongst an editorial team. This can lead to a lack of coherence. Since I only work with the full document, I will have a better sense of its consistency.

Customer Support: I will be available throughout the course of the project and can be contacted via email, Skype, and Instant Message.

Competitive rates: Contact me to get a quote.

Secure and Private: I will not share your private information with any third party. Your work will be backed up securely in the Cloud and deleted  upon completion of the project.

Reliable: We will work to an agreed deadline and I will commit to delivering on time. It is of the utmost professional importance to me that my customers are happy with the service that I provide. For this reason, I will not work to unrealistic deadlines.

Tailored Service: The work that I undertake will be specifically tailored to your needs. This may be because you are required to use a particular formatting style or you are working to a specific deadline. Perhaps you have a large, or unorthodox document.

Integrity: I will not have any part whatsoever in projects that involve plagiarism, so don’t ask. I will be happy to help you with your citations and references to make sure they are correct. Ensure that you aren’t plagiarising by always acknowledging your sources, and providing references.


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