Academic Publications


Chapters in Books:

“Imagining Book-Production in Fourteenth-Century Herefordshire: The Scribe of British Library MS Harley 2253 and his ‘Organising Principles.’” Imagining the Book. Brepols, 2006.


Journal Articles:

BL MS Royal 12 C. xii and the Problems of Patronage.” Journal of the Early Book Society 3 (2000): 216-26.

“Imagined Histories: an English Prophecy in a Welsh Manuscript Context.” Journal of the Early Book Society 5 (2002): 151-60.

“English and Latin Texts in Welsh Contexts: Reflections of a Multilingual Society in National Library of Wales MS Peniarth 12.” Yearbook of English Studies (special number) 33 (2003): 54-64.

With Stephen Kelly, ‘Culturally Mapping the English Brut: a Preliminary Report from the “Imagining History” Project.’ Journal of the Early Book Society 6 (2003): 41-60.

“The Middle English Prose Brut” Literary Encyclopaedia Online, 2004

With Toshiyuki Takamiya, “Two Hitherto Unrecorded Fragments of the Brut,” Notes and Queries (June 2005).


Creative Publications



Vernacularisms: Notes from Belfast:

Translated by Tom Clarke, Vernacularisms: Nótaí ó Bhéal Feirste:

“Moon Child.” The Blue Hour Anthology 1 (2013): 17-18.

“Go Ahead.” The Blue Hour Anthology 1 (2013): 58-61.

“A New Direction, Part 2.” Blackstaff Press Blog:

“Wild Iris.” Blackstaff Press Blog:

“The Recital.” Roadside Fiction, VI:

“You are my Sunshine.” Incubator Journal, 3 (December 2014).

An Unusual Conversation.” The Launchpad, 1 (December 2015).

A Timely Departure.” The Launchpad, 2 (Special Edition, June 2016)

“Over the Wall.” Prachya Review (August 2016):




With Caoileann O’Rourke. “Everything is Possible: the Quantum Bedroom.” The Launchpad, 1 (December 2015)



Consumed.” The Blue Hour Magazine, February 2014.

“King William III Arrives at Carrickfergus.” Still Anthology. Belfast, Community Arts Partnership, 2013.

Kelvin’s Statue, Botanic Gardens, Belfast.” Octavius Magazine, May 2015.

Surface Tension.” Panning for Poems, 4 (January 2016).

Poeni am eich Cof?” The Dovetail Journal 2 (Autumn 2016): 82-85.



Slave to the Rhythm?‘ The Incubator Journal, April 2014.



Studies in the Harley Manuscript: the Scribes, Contents and Social Contexts of British Library MS Harley 2253.  Ed Susanna Fein.  Kalamazoo:  Medieval Institute Publications, 2000. For the Journal of the Early Book Society 4 (2001).

Multilingualism in Later Medieval Britain.  Ed.  D.  A.  Trotter.  Woodbridge:  Brewer, 2000.  For Yearbook of English Studies (special number) 33 (2003): 339-340.

Romance of the Rose Illuminated. Ed. Alcuin Blamires and Gail C. Holian. For the Journal of the Early Book Society 6 (2003): 175-178.

James A. Knapp, Illustrating the Past in Early Modern England: the Representation of History in Printed Books. For the Journal of the Early Book Society 7 (2004): 187-190.


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